Our Trading Division is a pioneer in specialized Building Materials Such as Cladding, Roofing and Siding Boards. In these fields we are the sole agents for several companies from U.S.A, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Turkey. Our product lines are innovative, state of the art, light weight, fire and moisture resistant, hygienic asbestos free and long life.
Products Company Country
Cemstone Cement Fibre Coated Cladding Boards LTM Finland
Cemboint-Cement Fibre Facing & Cladding Sheets CEMBRIT DANSK ETERNIT Denmark
Cembonit Roofing Tiles CEMBRIT DANSK ETERNIT Denmark
Plastic Lumber POLY PEEK Germany
EPDM Water Proofing Membrane System R.P.I. U.S.A.
Betopan Cement Boards TEPE BETOPAN Turkey